A little about me… First off, I love being able to live in this area. I feel so blessed to be able to see all that mother nature has to offer. I myself love the mellow ambiance of Munising. Relax, take a hike or a ride on an ATV or snowmobile to cliffs on Lake Superior or to some of the best hidden restaurants in the area. I have worked in the hospitality industry since I can remember and one thing I love is being able to share everything the area has to offer with individuals who come visit. Below are a few must see and do’s to get you started. Enjoy your visit to the beautiful U.P. and if you ever have any questions or even feel like a bit of boredom is coming on, send me a message! Just a couple tips, always pack for cold and hot weather as it changes in minutes here and bring your bug spray!!!

Enjoy your adventure!
~ Maria

Scenic Drives,Waterfalls & Hikes

Memorial & Tannery Falls Loop (Munising) – As a kid, my friends and I always played around these two falls. There is a nice loop hike you can take, it does have steps and some thin trails at times but it was always one of my favorite things to do. 

Laughing Whitefish Falls (Rumley) – Located in Rumley, Michigan, about a 20 minute drive South West from Munising, this is my favorite waterfall. I love taking my dogs (on a leash of course!) and walking the nice gravel path through the woods. At the end, you come to a river atop the cliff where you can take beautiful pictures at the overlook at the top of the falls, and then take the steps down to the bottom for more pictures and majestic views. There are indeed a lot of steps but you can rest along the way. There is even a picnic area and restrooms at the parking lot so you can bring a packed lunch to enjoy after your walk.

Eben Ice Caves (Eben) – Located in Eben, Michigan, about 15 minutes from Munising this winter activity is one you do not want to miss. Bring snowshoes or ice picked shoe covers because this trek through the wooded winter wonderland does get icy the closer you get to the ice caves. I myself have just slid down the path in my snowsuit at times! You can walk in and crawl all around the ice caves and usually on the weekends there is a hot chocolate stand at the parking lot owned an operated by a local family. 

Miners Castle & Beach (Munising) – Definitely check out the Miners Castle overlook, there is a nice little path you can also walk down to the castle rock for a different view you do not want to miss. Miners beach is one of my favorites, it is a bit crowded at times but if you are able to get to the Easternmost part of the beach you can check out a cute little waterfall into the lake, take a dip in the cool waters of Lake Superior, and even take a little hike through the woods to get to a cliff area on Pictured Rocks. The Westernmost part of the beach has a parking area with restrooms and picnic tables. 

“Scenic Drive of H-58” – This drive is a nice one. You can make a whole day trip out of this, start at Sand Point Beach and work your way East on H-58 all the way to Grand Marais, MI and back. This drive takes you through the Pictured Rocks National Park where you can stop at many scenic turn offs and check out Miners Castle, the Log Slide, AuSable Light Station, AuSable Waterfall, and that is just a fraction of the available stops. If you are up for a bit of walking you can go to Mosquito Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Chapel Rock & Falls, and again, this is just a couple of the stops available! Once you get to Grand Marais, MI, stop at the Dunes Salloon & Brewery for some awesome food. I recommend the homemade mozzarella sticks, pizza, and the blueberry brew they make. It’s also decorated in Lake Superior Agates so that is a plus for all you rock hounds out there! For detailed maps and information you can stop at the Ranger Station at the M-28 and H-58 Junction in Munising.

Boat Ride

Riptide Ride is definitely my favorite boat ride in the area, when I got off the ride I smiled for the rest of the day it was so much fun. Don’t get me wrong, Pictured Rocks Cruises and the Shipwreck Tours are a must do as well since they give you a nice mellow ride along the national lakeshore and you also get an depth history lesson of the area and ample photo opportunities. Riptide Ride however, sticks to its name for sure… you ride around Grand Island in a navy marine jet powered boat doing 360 degree turns in a second and listening to great upbeat music while you zip along Lake Superior, they even give you rain ponchos in case you get splashed. Once you get up to the points of interest they slow down, turn off the music, and let you know the history about the area. Owned and operated by a local family they love sharing the fun with everyone. Highly recommend if you have kids or if you just like to have  a little thrill in your life! 

While You’re Downtown
Open Wings Pottery, this has to be the most unique gift shop I’ve been in. You have to check it out, the owners are very nice, talented people. If you like unique hand made items, this is the place. Featuring many area artists.


Oh where to begin…. this might be my favorite subject!

NEW!! Tracey’s Restaurant, located inside the Roam Inn in Munising. High quality dining, awesome atmosphere, great staff, amazing food! They even support local farms, including my own, keep an eye out for Case Country Farm pork and produce. If you want the best breakfast sausage or bacon, farm fresh eggs, all organic, pasture raised, let me know and I can have it waiting at the house for you!

Mainstreet Pizza – Best pizza I’ve ever had and they deliver. 
Pictured Rocks Pizza – Great pizza but they have the pasta down for sure! 

Pasties… I have two favorites in this area. Muldoons is conveniently located downtown in Munising, you can get them to go or eat there. With a choice of beef, chicken, or veggie pasties, you can get the gravy to go with it but I eat mine with ketchup. My other choice is at Autrain Grocery about 10 miles West on M-28 in Autrain. If you are in Autrain looking at Scott Falls or Autrain Falls, take a canoe or kayak down the Autrain river and hang out on the beaches. Definitely stop and grab one of their pasties they make daily and keep hot for you. 

Camel Riders Restaurant – South from Munising on Federal Forest Highway-13 this is one of my favorite restaurants to grab a steak dinner with family. Its a small place in the woods with a beautiful view of a lake they are located on, the owners put all their love into their food and it shows. The prices are a bit up there but if you are looking for a nice place to take your family out for dinner or a special occasion, you will not be disappointed by anything you order here.

Buckhorn Restaurant & Resort – Also South from Munising on Federal Forest Highway -13 this restaurant is also a favorite of mine. If you are up to ride ATV’s or Snowmobiles definitely stop here for gas, food, and a drink.